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Technical Support

Kolton Glass and Dan O. are the managers of everything technical, they are highly talented software developers, to see through our smooth web operation.
They are highly experienced and work with us for nearly 2 years now (day / night). All your advanced support and tech inquires are usually addressed to them.

Financial Advisers

Will Strickland and Leonard Ellison are in charge of our financial and personal data, they both have MBA Degree with close to 7 years of loyalty between them.
If you seek a dedicated investments advice, they would be more than happy to provide it to you along with a detailed answer, and the most preferable solution.

CEO & Chief of Advertising

Mark Mason is the co-founder and in charge of all promotional campaigns and incoming affiliate offers, as well as overseeing our entire support team.
If you are a webmaster, if you believe you have an interesting advertising proposition or any unresolved issue, he will be happy to find you a suitable solution.

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