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  • Carbon7 has been Reborn! With great honor and respect, today on the 17/4/17 we are pleased to announce the anticipated launch of worldwide accessible ‚ÄČCarbon7 digital funds platform.
    Please feel free to explore our site, read about our history and the lucrative plans we have to offer, we hope you'd find our unique carbon theme to your liking.
    We are here to make a change for the better, as we wish you will achieve financial success together with us, and find our services to your full satisfaction.


  • Development of Carbon7 The work have begun by assembling a developers team who splet the project tasks into 2 divisions. The 1st one is responsible for the innovative design that
    will accurately portray the nature of the enterprise activities. The 2nd division built the script functionality (engine) that empowers all the dynamics of the site
    in the back. The goal was to create an online "digital funds" platform with the best properties of carbon which is stiff (stable), light (fast brows-ability) and universally acknowledged (easy-to-use). The team spent over 10 months building it using the latest code technology, backed up by powerful hardware
    and 24/7 specialist to keep the site available. It has reached a degree of highest stability, platform can host around 270,000 members
    without adding more servers (next upgrade estimated at ~10 months after launch). During 2017 (under new management) we have completely
    reconstructed the infrastructure of the previously used under current market conditions to insure maximum chance of success.


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