The number  Seven is the mathematical essence behind
our distribution platform & an integral part of our daily
operation. Through years of experience and trials
we've concluded that by incorporating number 7
into our business model, we could be able to
reach higher degrees of stability and profits.

as long as humanly possible

The higher purpose of  Carbon7's platform is
to facilitate the equilibrium of interest between
you (member), and the enterprise for as long as
humanly possible. To accomplish that mission the
enterprise created a funds allocation formula with # 7
in its core to profit from the margins of supply & demand.


  • Carbon7 is "digital funds distribution" platform in the lucrative field of carbon & its sub-products. Carbon7's platform isn't directly connected to any management firms, nor involving its members with trading or communication with investment brokers. Our group channels and route funds into a well-established enterprise, which invest it in carbon-fiber distribution and other ventures, in order to generate sufficient rewards for all involved. Carbon7's platform key tasks are: offering highly liquid (short and mid-term) financially rewarded plans that our members could choose from, to make money online. Our platform easy-to-use interface allows members to transfer digital money quickly & securly. With help of Carbon7 platform service, the enterprise promise to keep on trying to secure return on investment that improves our mutual growth.


  • A brief history of carbon fiber market trend: In early 2005 demand for carbon fiber material began to increase exponentially, especially with the entrance of new orders for carbon-fiber-reinforced windturbine and carbon-intensive airplanes. In 2008 we have came to notice a sharp spike in global demand for various carbon fiber products around the world, in contrast to the significantly low supply amounts. At first we have anticipated a market correction, but that did not happen so over the following 3 years our analysis concluded that the lack of supply is not caused by scarcity of earth resources, but by the deficiency of emerging fiber producers and low recycling efforts. By acquiring deeper insights into the nature of this matter and by establishing the relevant "inside connections", we have been able to oversee short (and long) term deals since then. In the beginning of 2013 the amount of new monthly supply contracts were nearly doubled. At recent couple of years, the carbon supply has continued to grow by 4-5 million KG (per annum). Nowadays, producers are still unable to catch up with the surge in demand, leaving carbon 'buy' trend in a state of perpetual growth.
  • Background about Carbon7 & our core values: Essentially, we are a group of entrepreneurs with a passion for efficient business models, where our time and energy could also be translated into a good cause and highly passive profits. During the past decade our areas of work involved various industries which helped to sharpen our expertise. Among those, our useful ones are: import / export logistics for major commodities and electronics (a couple of us has more than 12 years of experience in that field), developing of private cross asset trading platform, and supervising few "money management" apps. The path we have decided to follow was very challenging, but despite difficulties, the sense of accomplishment always drove us to explore new grounds and keep an open mind. Our most important asset is time and we protect it by all means, it reflects in all our business strategies and investment practices till this day, including "Carbon7.biz" site which was built with passion and effectiveness in mind.
  • Distribution platform empowered by efficiency: In mid 2014 the growing success rate of the enterprise called for few new ideas, one of which was the creation of  Carbon7 - a digital funds distribution platform and free opportunity to earn money online. Carbon7's platform allows anyone to partake in our group's positive trend, as it is in our best interest. Together we can achieve long term success and effortless prosperity. This platform is our "dream product" and with highly competent services that we aim to deliver by all means, we are confident the results will surpass our expectations. Pleased members are a source of pride for us, and we're willing to go the extra mile to see it realized!

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